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Sell Your RV during the RV Park & Sell Event - May 2-5, 2024 - Indianapolis, IN

Two Ways To Sell Your RV!

1. Consignment

Consignments is where the owner gives Bish's RV permission to sell their RV on their behalf. There is no fee to consign! We agree upfront to a net amount you'll receive when your RV sells. Bish's RV provides additional services that come with your consignment, like taking a trade-in on your RV, processing all titling and state paperwork, helping the buyer with financing, RV system check, and so much more. 

2. Private-Party Seller

Private-Party Sellers can come and sell their RV themselves during the RV Park & Sell Event. You name your price and showcase your RV. The cost is $129 plus %5 of the Sold Price if your RV sells during the event. For a fee, Bish's RV can also provide other services like an RV System Check, titling and state paperwork processing, and more. Ask us about our additional services. 

Reserve Your Spot Now - Consignment or Private-Party Park & Sell

A Comparison Between The Two Selling Options

Comparison between Consignment vs. Park and Sell

Reserve Your Spot Now - Consignment or Private-Party Park & Sell

When Is This Event?

The RV Park & Sell Event for the Indianapolis area is May 2-5, 2024, at Bish's RV (2730 W 53rd St, Anderson, IN 46013).

Why Should I Sell My RV During This Event?

The RV Park & Sell Event is the Largest Used RV Show in the region! This RV Show is unique, giving private-party sellers an opportunity to sell their RVs during a show-like atmosphere.  

  • Sell your RV in front of THOUSANDS of potential buyers!
  • Massive advertising dollars are pumped into this event - use that to your advantage to sell your RV!
  • Get a private-party sells experience in a show-like atmosphere.
  • Bish's RV can make selling your RV hassle-free when you consign! We handle all the paperwork, provide secure financing for the buyer, take a trade-in on your RV, perform an RV inspection, and more! We sell it, and you just pick up a check! And, there's no fee to consign. 
  • When selling your RV yourself, your RV will be featured on the website before and during the event dates. There is a $129 fee to sell plus 5% of the Sold Price if your RV sells during the event. Bish's RV can also provide our additional services for a fee too, like paperwork, RV inspection, providing financing, and more. Just ask us!

How Do I Sign Up?

Please click on "Reserve Your Spot Now" to fill out the 2-part form. 

Reserve Your Spot Now - Consignment or Private-Party Park & Sell

If Consigning, once you fill out the form, a Consignment Specialist will contact you shortly to walk through the process. Once you're signed up, we'll call you to schedule a drop off time for your RV.   

If you're Selling Privately during the event, you'll upload your RV information and photos as part of the form process. A Consignment Specialist will reach out to you to confirm your information and give you information about the event. Once you're RV information is confirmed, we'll get your RV uploaded to the Park & Sell website.  

Read below to learn more about common FAQs we hear when talking to customers consigning their RV. We offer services and benefits only found at Bish's RV. 


Do you take a percentage when I consign my RV?

No, we come to an agreement with you on what you will net and then Bish’s sells your RV. We sell it for more to recoup our costs.

What tools do you use to determine the price you will net me?

We use multiple sources to determine the market value, including NADA, dealer current on-hand inventory, and market research.

Can I use my RV while it’s on consignment?

No, we ask that you empty your RV of all personal items, and we need it on the lot to show to potential buyers. We need it ready to sell!

What costs go into a consignment?

We inspect your RV to make sure everything is in good working order. In addition, we photograph and nationally market your RV for all our Bish’s RV locations to sell. You'll have a full-time support staff to show your RV and answer all questions.

Do I have to empty my black and gray tanks?

Yes, if this isn’t done before consignment, we charge $185 so please dump your tanks before you drop off your RV.

Do I need to take out my personal belongings before I consign/sell my RV?

Yes, please take out all personal belongings. Campers sell better empty! 

Do I need to continue to make payments on my RV if I have a loan?

Yes, if you have a loan, you will continue to make payments on your loan and insurance until we sell your RV.

What if I am financially upside down on my RV?

We ask you to pay down your loan to the net amount agreed to, the difference between the loan balance and the agreed net amount to you.

What if I owe less on my loan than what you will give me for my camper?

We will pay off your existing loan balance and then we'll cut you a check for the difference.

How long after my RV sells will I get my check?

If you have a loan, we'll send the funds to your bank. Once your bank sends us the clear title, we mail you a check for the residual funds. 

If you have a clear title, once we receive the funding from the buyer of your RV, we send you a check. 

This is typically anywhere from 7 to 20 days from the time of the sale depending on the sales situation. 

How long does it take for my loan to be paid off?

We send the check to the bank, however when they apply it could take 10 business days or more.

What items/documents do I need to consign my RV?

      • Driver’s license (for all who are on the title/loan)
      • Registration (if you do not have a clear title)
      • Title
      • Copy of insurance
      • Copy of your loan statement with your account number and payoff address

How long does the consignment drop-off appointment take?

Between 30 minutes to an hour.

**Laws for selling/buying RVs vary by state. Contact Bish’s RV for more details.